VRA members maintain high professional standards of service. We support our memberships with information and access to continuing education sessions, and options that offer best practices and current trends in the field. This enables our members to maintain their credentials, enhance their skills on an ongoing basis and be true leaders in the field of vocational rehabilitation.

Many of our members have distinguished themselves by achieving VRA Canada accreditation including our RRP (Registered Rehabilitation Professional), RCSS (Registered Community Support Specialist) and RVP (Registered Vocational Professional) members. These accreditations are achieved through acquisition of skills, workplace experiences and education. In September of 2014 our Travel Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) became available, allowing members to apply for assistance to attend VRA Ontario conferences. By attending our conferences, members gain continuing education credits that contribute to credential maintenance.

Our education opportunities are offered through VRA Canada.


Upcoming Education Opportunities:

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