If you would like to run "Advertisements and Promotions" on our Website, please click on 'Contact' above and submit the form. A member of our team will contact you to initiate the service. 

Technical Details: The File must be in a .PNG or JPEG Format. The Dimensions for the Picture must be 1800x515 Pixels. The File must be no larger than 4 MB.  

Please provide the URL/Domain of the site where you would like the user to be redirected. (This is an optional field)

We are offering a promotional rate of $60 CAD + HST for a period of one (1) month.

Proceed with your payment by clicking on the Pay Pal Button. Be sure to keep the Payment Reference handy, as this will be used to confirm your payment prior to the approval of your ad/promo. 

Should you have any problems with the process, please inform us through our contact form.

Thank you for supporting VRA Ontario!

Non VRAON Member Ad/Promo Rate Plan