Welcome to the Ontario Society of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) of Canada.


VRA is the first organization in Canada to provide registration of vocational rehabilitation professionals. Our goals are to implement best practices, adhere to ethical standards and provide quality service to clients, employers and healthcare, education, insurance and legal representatives. Our membership consists of individuals from various disciplines including those with backgrounds and training in rehabilitation, case management, disability management, psychology, social work, social services, kinesiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, medicine, chiropractic care, education and related fields. Students studying in these disciplines are welcomed as members.

Designations that may be applied for through VRA Canada include:

  • Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP)
  • Registered Community Support Specialist (RCSS)
  • Registered Vocational Professional (RVP)

Details regarding membership and designations may be found at the VRA Canada site:


In addition to offering our members support, education and benefits, the VRA Ontario Society advocates for our provincial members and collaborates, consults and cooperates with all 7 societies across Canada, including VRA Canada. Our Ontario membership is over 800 individuals strong, is the largest Society membership across the country and continues to grow! We strive to offer our members outstanding opportunities and tools to build and maintain the highest professional standards in our field.


VRA Canada and the multi-disciplinary vocational rehabilitation professionals it represents are committed to supporting, assisting, and advocating for individuals experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, disabling conditions along the continuum of achieving or restoring optimum vocational and life goals. These outcomes are achieved through purposeful and intentional development of strategies and interventions that are informed and directed by education, research, experience, and skills, as well as ongoing professional development, unique to the discipline and profession of vocational rehabilitation.

VRA Canada is the leading national organization committed to professional excellence of and for its multi-disciplinary members, who are recognized by stakeholders as experts in the provision of vocational and pre-vocational rehabilitation services. VRA Canada is the acknowledged Centre of Excellence providing education, research, and evidence-based best practices.

VRA Canada’s values are the foundation of who

we are and how we practice:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Advocacy for the Profession, the Professional,

and our Values

VRA Ontario Board Directors are committed to working together to build strong Board and Member relations while respecting one another.

VRA Ontario solidarity is based on the principle that all Members are equal and deserve mutual respect at all levels. This means we believe that all individuals have the right to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, creed/race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

As a Board we are committed to working together with mutual regard, cooperation and understanding of support for one another and our Members.

We support a positive working environment which embraces a culture of respect. Working together in a safe environment where one is open to freely express their opinions, engage in listening to each other and support one another with a positive tone whether via e-mail, by phone or in person, is a prime value adopted by the Board. At all times, privacy and confidentiality in Board and Member matters is honoured.

Our culture of respect shows tolerance and acceptance and fosters positive and professional working relationships. 

VRA Ontario's Board of Directors, Members and Staff are commitment to the principles and practices of equality and are mindful at all times, through all endeavours and activities of the Board that all Members deserve dignity, equality and respect.